Canada is one of the leading destinations for French youth. Located in North America, it has its own culture despite very strong resemblance to the United States in a comprehensive way, but also in the education system. The schools are administered in Canada by province of residence of the establishment but have many common characteristics. Young students have a choice of large material and may turn to what really interested, but also directed their choice according to the university degree they wish to prepare for the future.

Become a high school student in Canada and living conditions on site

The students in Canada have an important framework for the course, and can choose from dozens of materials to study. In the afternoon, artistic and sporting activities abound to facilitate personal development, and peer relationships. The academic calendar in Canada is almost similar to France , so you can from mid-August to early September to see a school year, and return the following year to return to school in France. To leave a high school in Canada, we recommend to use the ARAM agency specializing in this type of room. They will accompany you throughout the project to make your case, find your home and your home school.


The following conditions are required to go to a school in Canada:

* Be between 15 and 18 years
* Not be older than 18 years and 6 months before leaving
* Having a proper academic record (minimum 10)
* Have an acceptable level of English (10 – 11 minimum)
* Show real motivation to go abroad

A stint as a high school student in Canada you will discover another culture, you make a new, more international circle of friends, and most significantly improve your English and retain a significant advantage over most other students during your graduate studies.

Become a high school in Canada: formalities, cost, tips:

It is advisable to contact an agency to go to Canada at least 4-6 months before the departure date , so the back or at least the month of April of the previous year. This condition is due to the time required to carry out all the steps to go, namely the inclusion in a high school in Canada, the procedure for obtaining a visa, creating your file placement in a foster family or boarding school, reservation of country air, subscription to a mandatory health insurance.

All these steps are being taken by the agency involved in your case, although you also get complete formalities, including a case that will be presented to Canadian schools and host families. The average cost of a year at a high school in Canada is 10 000 euros , with all the services mentioned above are already included in the package. In case you want to join a private institution, it will add to the budget of the corresponding registration fees.