Ireland receives nearly 1,300 French students each year as part of the Erasmus program. This is the sixth country home, just behind Sweden and Italy. Five years ago, Ireland was at its peak in Europe after development and steady growth over the last twenty years. Quasi-full employment conditions ideal life in an enchanting and a population with a high morale. Students and workers were likely to go live in Ireland. If after the economic crisis, the situation is somewhat tarnished, Ireland remains one of the most welcoming countries in the European Union.

Offering seven leading universities around the world , the country has an ideal living environment for students wishing to have fun, but also look out. Many bars and activities are available everywhere, and universities adopt the latest standards in terms of technology and comfort. Schedules are less busy in France, although the work and personal learning are privileged, you will still have much more free time in France, for your engaging in your activities and you discover new passions.


Why study from Ireland via the Erasmus program?

What are the advantages of studying in Ireland via Erasmus? The grant awarded when the program is already an important argument in favor of the program , although the amount is not nearly enough to live on site. As for the free registration fees , universities in Ireland are free to tank level 4, the interest is limited. However, from the Master level, this free education disappears and gives way to the exorbitant entrance fees turning easily around 10,000 euros a year. Under these conditions, once the tank past level 4, the interest of the Erasmus program jumps easier for eyes.

However, the number of places is limited via the Erasmus program and the selection can be quite important, do not hesitate to think about starting one. Items for study in Ireland from its own resources are available , and if the Erasmus program simplifies approaches, there is nothing particularly difficult. It would be a shame to cancel a project starting in Ireland because you have not benefited from the program.