The Commission for Cultural Exchange between Italy and the U.S. Fulbright awards each year in order to promote and strengthen cultural exchange between Italy and the United States.

Who they are

The Fulbright scholarships in 2014 are intended to Italian citizens in possession of master’s degree / Specialist , or old order degree, or certificate issued by the Academies of art or music conservatories. It requires an excellent knowledge of English through TOEFL or IELTS. The purpose of the Fulbright in 2014 is to give the opportunity to young graduates to take courses in Italian Master or PhD from U.S. universities.


The amount and duration

The Fulbright scholarships in 2014 consist of 4 scholarships for Masters and PhD in all disciplines and a Fulbright – Carlo Maria Santoro for a Master’s degree in International Relations. Scholarships for Masters and PhD require the provision of a grant to the value of $ 38,000 (about € 28,000), rising to $ 38,500 for the Fulbright – Carlo Maria Santoro. The grant is to cover the total of the first year in the United States and reimbursement of travel expenses of € 1,500 for air travel to / r. The contribution shall be paid only for the first year and does not cover the following years of study in the United States.

The Fulbright scholarships in 2014 provide additional benefits such as medical insurance, Academy – academic program at the university destination in the U.S., participation in seminars and conferences during your stay, participation in a “Pre-departure orientation program” that will be held in Rome in June 2015.

The requirements

Individuals interested in applying for Fulbright scholarships in 2014 must have the following requirements:

* Italian citizenship;
* MSc / specialist degree or old order, or certificate issued by the Academies of art or music conservatories;
* excellent knowledge of the English language, proven by certification IELTS or TOEFL.

How and when to apply

You can apply for Fulbright scholarships in 2014 through the dedicated website by April 14, 2014.Notice Fulbright scholarships in 2014