Software testing is necessary to facilitate the application software to be made to be easy to install on the computer. Developers need to create or use a special program that is used to create the installation package, in order for making the installation program better. Software testing process must be defined in software engineering or software engineering. A number of software testing strategies have been proposed in the literature. All of them provide the software developer with a template for testing. In this case, they need to have common characteristics such as:

software testing
1. Testing that starts at the module level and works out towards the integration of the computer-based system.
2. The testing technique is different according to different points in a single time.
3. Testing is conducted by software testing company.We already know that Testing and Debugging are different activities, but debugging must be accommodated in any testing strategy. Four steps that must be passed in a software testing are as follows:

1. Testing on any specific groove on the structure of the control module is ensuring full completion and error detection to the fullest.
2. Integration testing is the incorporation of the issues associated with the multiple problems in the verification and construction program.
3. High-order testing that occurs when software has been completed well or built into a single unit.
4. Validation test that provides a final guarantee that the software meets all the functional needs, namely personality and performance needed.Quality assurance services are needed by every owner of a company to evaluate the performance of any software used in many process automation companies. The development and modernization of technology requires the use of qa services software that is able to adapt to the development of threats to network security software that is very important in company’s working.