For the first time college students may be hired by the company and do a job that will represent in effect a part of their course of study. It will be possible in Liguria, thanks to a contract of apprenticeship of higher education , approved by the Regional Council on the proposal of the Budget and the formation Pippo Rossetti. Anything following a memorandum of understanding signed by the Region with the ‘ University of Genoa, the trade unions and business associations.

This initiative, which promotes the inclusion of students in the company thanks to a contract of employment specifically, does the Liguria to adapt national law on apprenticeship, which assigns to the Regions the task of regulating the apprenticeship of higher education for the training profiles . This agreement – for which the course of study must be done in the company and the university – will be able from 2014 and from September The University of Genoa define the degree courses that will benefit. The agreement will also apply for advanced training courses carried out in universities in other regions.


“The chief purpose of the activation of this new type of contract – said the commissioner Rossetti – is to adopt a methodology of integration between the result achieved in the company and location within the university. ” In this regard, the course of study undertaken should be customized and appropriate “than the overall duration, in relation to the specificities linked apprenticeship Institute of higher education, the needs of businesses and to the specific needs of apprenticeship.”

The benefits from this initiative of the ‘University of Genoa , which aims to promote the integration of students into the world of work, are different and are valid for both businesses and for young people: “The advantage for companies that will employ all ‘apprenticeship – says Rossetti will be to get tax relief and contributions not covered by other contracts and for the student to graduate to working, enriching their curriculum, with the prospect of continuing to work even after the conclusion of their studies”. Since the autumn, in addition, we plan to issue a proclamation of one million Euros to support both education and training, both businesses and apprenticeships.