The advantages of dual vocational training and education opportunities for young Turks were the focus of a German-Turkish Dialogue Forum in Munich.

“The masters of the future is a Turk”, ZDH-President Otto Kentzler said on arrival of 60 Turkish education experts, and he earned the first applause of the guests. The Confederation of German Trade Organization and its Turkish partner Tesk, behind which there are two million small businesses and small self-employed want to work together more closely in the field of vocational training. On the one hand, both countries need well-trained workforce, on the other hand, there are both in Germany and in Turkey deficits that need to be worked through. While the Turkish education system is underfunded and of its contents goes hardly prepared for the demands of modern working life, he manages the German craft only partially exploit the potential of young people of Turkish origin. Although in this country, according Kentzler every other young foreigners in the trade of Turkish origin, measured at three million Turks living in Germany, but that is enough.

Turks are waiting too long for a teaching post

So did also Kadir Hidayet Eri?, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey, points out that young Turks in Germany after graduating from high school average of 17 months will be necessary to get an apprenticeship, while German school graduates could begin within three months of training. “Whether that is the difference in education, I can not say. But perhaps the dialogue forum to help eliminate this disparity, “said Eri?.

Professor Mustafa Kemal BiƧerli, Director General of the Department of Lifelong Learning in the Turkish Ministry of Education, presented the modular system of vocational education at the technical high schools in his country, that is oriented on the German dual system. Although the full implementation has not yet succeeded, but they will be sought. Along the way, is the Tesk an important partner of the Ministry. They aspire only organization in the country to the destination of the dual system of vocational qualification.


Legal right to the equivalence test

The Tesk, together with the Ministry of skilled workers for industry and trade. She is certifying body in the areas where the Ministry of Education does not offer measures. The cost of the training programs are funded by member companies of Tesk. Its president Bendevi Palandoken announced that there would be in Turkey soon a law that recognizes foreign vocational education equivalent. For in Turkish companies are young people who had completed a German school, very welcome.

From a German perspective, this is understandable. However, the Director Lecture by Dr. Volker Born, head of the department ZDH “Vocational Education” shows how far apart the (vocational) education systems of both countries are still. Although President Kentzler pointed out that was developed in Germany in close cooperation with the Chamber of organizations, a law, after it since 1 April this year a legal right to test the equivalence of qualifications are. Under this equivalence test, the qualifications would be brought back by then seen to what extent they meet the German auditing requirements and what needs adjustment, where appropriate, resulting therefrom. “The experience we gain today will contribute to the spectrum of Further assistance extended to reach as many people with foreign degrees at the end of the equivalence,” said Kentzler.