In today’s aggressive business education market, to be accepted into any graduate business program, you must take and pass the GMAT. But in order to get accepted into a superior graduate program, you must show a superior score on the same exam, beating out the competition. In order to score a superlative grade on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) you’ll need to show superior verbal, reading, and analytical skills.

The GMAT has a scoring system of 200-800 points, and can be taken up to five times per year. An unfortunate number (50%) of GMAT students either do not pass or get a low score on the exam the first time they take it, causing them to expend a great deal of time, money, and stress on GMAT re-testing — which doesn’t actually teach any new skills. There’s absolutely no reason why all GMAT takers shouldn’t do well on this exam, because it simply reviews material that they already know.


If the test material is not that difficult, why are so many test takers performing so poorly? Given how the outcome of the GMAT can affect graduate studies, some “test anxiety” is natural. But the number one reason for poor performance or failure when taking the GMAT is that students didn’t study for it ahead of time, or studied alone from a mixed bag of sources. Students interested in taking the GMAT should understand that it is a standardized test whichmeans that while the wording of questions may change, the material itself never does. Experts at exam test prep centres such as Quantum explain that the best way to ace a standardized exam is to take a standardized approach to studying.

It would seem that it would be easy to pass an exam that is looking for automatic answers to not especially difficult questions. But without the right GMAT preparation, students often become overwhelmed by the GMAT and fall behind. They’re not actually failing the exam’s questions, but its format. So what’s the best way to solve the GMAT dilemma and get a great score on it the first time it’s taken? The key is to find a GMAT prep course in Montreal that students have been relying on for decades. Staffed with tutors who have decades of teaching experience, the right test prep centre will teach you only the integral skills you need to know with less filler material that won’t help you on test day. Quantum Test Prep Montreal for example, knows that the key to passing a standardized test is taking a standardized approach and their entire teaching philosophy is built around this concept.

To this end, this company’s tutors have developed a curriculum that shows students not only what to expect on the GMAT exam in terms of questions, but how to answer them as quickly and correctly as possible. This is accomplished by offering students a variety of study options including study guides, webinars, streaming video, as well as one-on-one and group study sessions. These tutorials are completed both at the student’s pace and convenience, with evening and weekend sessions available for those with busy professional or academic schedules, and since the company’s tutors are themselves GMAT veterans (all having scored within the exam’s top percentile) and MBA degree holders, their GMAT training methods work. Taking an exam can be an emotional burden, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparation help, students can achieve the results they are looking for, making test prep education an investment in future success.