Austria hosted within the Erasmus program nearly 380 French last year, for a total of 4136 students in Europe. acclaimed It remains less than its German neighbor but has several student cities that have nothing to envy, Vienna in particular, but also Innsbruck and Graz. In fact, the best universities in the country (particularly in the field of medicine) found in these three cities. Vienna University including the first 200 universities in the world, according to the Shanghai 2011.

Why study in Austria with the Erasmus program?

Stay in Austria Erasmus is both an opportunity to enjoy the wealth of this country and practice German. Indeed, it is very useful to know the language of the first industrial power in Europe in the current context: exchanges between France and Germany continue to intensify and opportunities to work in Germany can be very interesting.


The scholarship Erasmus guarantees amounted to one hundred euros per month, which is a major advantage because if the cost of living is much the same in France, housing is expensive or very expensive in Vienna or Salzburg. A student room may indeed cost 250 to 400 euros in such cities. To optimize your budget accommodation, do not hesitate to bring up universities where supply is more suitable for students.

In addition, registering an Austrian university with Erasmus allows you to pay only the fees of your home university in France, slightly more than 400 euros in 2011. This is an advantage because studies in Austria are quite expensive and many Austrians use a job for student finance.

What student life for Erasmus in Austria?

The first advantage of Austria’s cultural activities and nightlife particularly rich in cities , combined with a close proximity to the mountains, lakes and ski resorts everywhere in the country. Vienna, in particular, has a wide variety of museums and monuments, as well as Graz and Salzburg. The nightlife is also well provided in the cities of this country rightly nicknamed the “country dance”!