Germany receives about 2,900 French students each year as part of the Erasmus program. This is the third host behind Spain and the United Kingdom. Leading economic power in Europe and partner of France, the reasons to study in Germany to learn the language and do not miss.

Introduction to German you will facilitate a career in an international France, Germany being the main economic partner of France, exchanges and agreements between the two countries are as many people who can speak German are scarce. Mastering German can be a springboard for your career.

At student life at German universities offer a more “open” learning courses with more participatory, less restrictive for the student and less busy schedules. In addition, the German students rarely fall right out of high school to university. They prefer to do a sabbatical year abroad, or simply start work or internships to find their way. You therefore likely to be younger if you have never lost a year in your school.


Why study at the Erasmus program in Germany?

The Erasmus grant is the main advantage of the program, and will have a little more accessible year of study in Germany, although it is insufficient to live on site and to be seen as an additional income and not principal .

In addition, starting with the Erasmus program allows you to not have to pay 500 euros registration fee required by German universities each semester. It is always a small amount of won. Especially since you have to pay 400 euros registration fee to the French university, making a total saving of 100 euros. Program gains are not obvious!

However, the number of places is limited and selection can be quite important, do not hesitate to think about starting one . Items for study from Germany by its own means are available, and if the Erasmus program simplifies procedures, nothing is particularly difficult. It would be a shame to cancel a project starting in Germany because you do not have benefited from Erasmus.