After the rankings based on quality of teaching, research and employment opportunities for graduates, comes the world ranking of universities more spectacular. Reading rooms that seem to stand out in a vacuum, libraries from the glass dome that looks to the sky and classrooms with walls bias: some universities and campuses of the world are true architectural marvels. In the hope that such beauty act as a positive stimulus for the students, which compiles statistics about the international architecture, has compiled a list of thirteen names. And there is also an Italian university.


In the world ranking of universities most spectacular we are mostly newly built structures, such as Philological Library of the Free University of Berlin, a futuristic building built in 2005, can hold 800 thousand books. Or the new Campus Luigi of the University of Turin, completed in 2013 and designed by Norman Foster in the interests of visual comfort and auditory environment.

But there are also older buildings, such as the library of the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), built in 1928. A wonderful piece of design Renaissance, which was destroyed during the Second World War (with its 900 thousand books burned) and rebuilt according to the original design. In the world ranking of universities most spectacular there is also room for another ‘old glory’, that still leaves you breathless for its grandeur: the headquarters of the Lomonosov Moscow State University , Russia, which at the time of its construction (1953) was the seventh tallest building in the world, and the highest in absolute outside of New York.

Still, 1953 is also the central library of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, true hymn to the culture of indigenous peoples. Dating back to 1969, well Bradfield Hall at Cornell University (USA) a spectacular building with no windows for the first ten levels, because it is designed for special laboratories earns a place in the world rankings of universities more spectacular. As well as the Sharpe Centre for Design of OCAD University (Canada), a sort of modern design stilts, 26 feet above the ground, which looks like a Lego brick is supported by 12 huge colored pencils.

Asia is represented in the world rankings of universities more spectacular by Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre of the City University of Hong Kong, a wonderful example of architecture from the inclined walls and rectangular windows, and the spectacular (and bizarre) Cocoon Tower of Mode Gakuen in Tokyo, surrounded by aluminum tubes that look like white twisted to one cocoon.

In the list there is also room for the main building the Swanston Academic Building the RMIT University , Australia, all faceted facade made ​​to “reflect (in the true sense of the word) around the city” and the Faculty of History of Cambridge. The world rankings of universities most spectacular also includes the Graduate Centre of London Metropolitan University and the Roland Levinsky Building of the University of Plymouth, an important gathering of the city thanks to coffee houses and galleries.