On our tables is coming a revolution: it was, in fact, just presented the first artificial hamburger. No animals to be slaughtered, the meat has been obtained in the laboratory using stem cells, through which the scientist Mark Post of Maastricht University has managed to grow a bovine muscle tissue.

The first artificial hamburger meat grown in the lab was presented yesterday at a ceremony held at an art center in London, open to invited guests only, and during which two volunteers were able to taste it. Of course, it must be said that two particular do not make time for the beef burger stem particularly attractive. First, the fact that you present as a meatball between the pale pink, the yellow and gray hence the nickname that many have already given of the hamburger Post: “Frankfurter.” Second, the price: between 250 and 300 thousand euro . Why quest hamburger is the result of years and years of research and experiments.


That of artificial meat is an idea that already Winston Churchill had somehow predicted in 1931, writing that “in 50 years we stop with the nonsense of raising a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or just the wings. We will grow these parts separately, with the aid of a suitable medium. ” Even NASA has attempted to produce meat (turkey), artificial intelligence for its astronauts. And Post is not the only scientist working on the project: I am a thirty laboratories all over the world who are busy to take a day on our tables steaks resulting in an unbloody manner.

The Peta, known animal rights association USA in 2008 had offered a million dollars the first who was able to create a chicken breast without killing chickens, and it is obvious that many associations vegans are among the strongest supporters of the flesh artificial. And even famous names have been spent in this sense, one for all, for example, Bill Gates .

The technique for the production of artificial meat is far from simple. To cultivate stem cells used for food are accurate, the mio satellite, which are taken from the muscles of the neck of the cows, put in a test tube, and without multiply a million times thanks to a growth factor rather difficult to obtain: the the serum of the blood of calves in the womb of the mother.

In one month, the stem cells grow to form muscle strips 3 cm long, 1.5 wide, but only half a millimeter thick. This is because, since there are no blood vessels, each cell must be in contact with the serum nutrient. In short, for the moment with this method you can produce only hamburgers, meatballs and such: if you already dreaming of a Florentine artificial meat must surrender.