According to a recent survey, over the past 10 years I have more than tripled the young Italian students who have decided to attend a master’s degree or graduate abroad. Complicit in the crisis and scarce job opportunities in our country, more and more young people decide to groped their luck outside the borders. Let’s talk about how much does it cost to study abroad.

how much does it cost to study abroad

United Kingdom

London is the city preferred by Italian university students. However, over the past three years, the straight lines of the universities of the UK more than tripled: to enroll in a Bachelor of Arts (which is our three-year degree), on average, it has gone from 3,000 to 9,000 pounds (about 10,600 euros! ), but for those who come from abroad, ranging from 13,000 pounds up !! The costs for a Master (which corresponds to our degree) range between 3,500 and 7,500 pounds; relatively affordable prices compared to a Master in Finance from the prestigious London School of Economics which costs the beauty of 28,000 pounds (about 32,900 euros). Prices of other prestigious universities such as York, Bristol and Durham oscillate between 10,500 pounds of “home students” (students local and European) and 19,000 of immigrants. In short, the fees payable are high … but the chances of finding a job for those who comes out of these universities are high. As for the neighboring Scotland , there are no tuition fees for three-year degrees, while the Master have costs in line with those in Europe. At least for the students coming from the EU! In fact, an American who wanted to study at Edinburgh, could get to spend about 18,000 pounds (just over 21,000 Euro).


The France has a particular university system: public universities are open access, and to be able to be admitted in the great and department “establishment” (polytechnics) must pass a very strict selection. The costs of the lines speak volumes about how, despite the economic crisis, France continues to invest in research and training with a solid coverage of state funds: a bachelor’s degree in fact only costs 181 euros per year, a Master and a 250 euro PhD 380! The prestigious Ecole Poly technique of Paris costs “only” 595 euro yearly, a line very low when compared to polytechnics in our house! To this must be added, however, fixed costs of social security (207 Euro) and medical expenses (5 Euros).

Australia and North America

As you know, the highest taxes ever for a student who decides to graduate abroad, are those of Canadian universities, Australian and US. According to a study by HSBC, reported by The Telegraph, the average Canadian tuition fees would amount to 15,670 pounds, while in the US and in Australia fees are averages, respectively, of 19,609 pounds and 19,986 pounds. “On average,” talking about! Why a Masters in International Affairs at the prestigious Columbia University at a cost of 141,000 Euro annual !!

Among the goals of the study’s most popular low cost, in addition to France, there are also Denmark (which does not include fees for EU students!), Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The general rule is that “the better the economic situation of the country, the greater the possibility of state intervention to cover the real costs of the universities.”

Online Degrees … .In USA

Are also very affordable online degrees Americans who pay a ” credit “and that they range from $ 230 per credit of the California Coast University at 410 to 700 for credit of Walden University, the $ 241 of Western Governors University in the 375-614 Capella University. As with all studies, make sure to budget accordingly. There are various costs involved including what college and where, however pick a school that works for you. OC4P.Com provides additional financial tools for funding which can help. Having your personal finances in order when starting your school endeavors will helps to provide a seamless transition from student to graduate.

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