The faculty of medicine has always been one of the most sought after by students. It is a vast and fascinating world that though access to a profession difficult but full of personal satisfaction. During the first years of college are many students still undecided about the discipline in which to specialize once their studies. But this is wrong, because you have to decide early this objective. The best thing would be to decide as early as the first year and immediately follow the ‘ internship Surgery. In this regard, today I will try to explain what the international procedures that a medical student (especially if you’ve studied abroad) must complete in order to get a place of internship and achieve specialization in the United States.

the united states

First, try to make contact with the students of advanced courses and with anyone who has decided to take the same experience in your discipline. Find options compatible with your case, considering of course your personal situation, economic, family, social etc. And think of the necessary qualifications . I refer in particular to test USMLEs ( United States Medical Licensing Examinations ). It consists of four tests: the preliminary examination, the second examination said CK, CS said the third exam and the final exam. The first two can be supported in any country, but the other two have to be necessarily incurred in the USA. To take the exams must register to ECFMG (Examination Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates). This organization will help international students with the application form and provide them with essential information. In several pdf files on their beautiful site you will find all the details on the required documents. Now let’s see in detail what are the challenges to overcome in order to obtain a medical specialty in the United States.

Preliminary Examination

This exam will cover the subjects studied during the first three years of medical school, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Pathology. But will also cover Epidemiology, Psychiatry and Ethics. I advise you to take this exam after the third year.

Examination USE or US Clinical Experience

This exam is very important to get the internship of specialization. For foreign students, clinical practice in the US is slightly different than in Italy. To increase your chances of being admitted, it is important that you already have to do some type of clinical experience in the US that can be exactly and in order of importance: optional internship, observation, research or voluntary. Experience the best option would be optional: this means carry out part of your internship in the US. It is not difficult to carry it out in the United States and many foreign students who apply and practice held at US medical schools. The options are different: you can follow the work of a doctor in the US and be involved in clinical activities; as an observer may follow the work of the doctor, but not interact directly with patients. Or be added to some research group or work as a volunteer at any free clinic. More will accumulate experience USE, the better your chances of being admitted. Remember that life is more important than the type of USE.