More intrigued with the Italian bureaucracy, there is only the question of admission to one of the famous U.S. colleges. The whole thing could be much more difficult if we do not prepare well and long in advance. If you are not a U.S. citizen, having received the parcel of your registration and you have checked the requirements for registration, you will require a visa and TOEFL certificate to ascertain the linguistic knowledge and thus the understanding of the course. Of course for American citizens do not need to all this, we see how to apply at a U.S. college.

To enroll you must have a grade point average that must be maintained high for all years of high school. For this reason, when choosing an American university should know from the first year what are the requirements , so you do not take risks when once graduates will present the question . Keep in mind that less than half of the applications are accepted, but for those who graduated there a guaranteed job. The percentage of finding a job when you exit from a prestigious American university is very high, because the price that you pay is a real investment for the future.


Also important are the activities leisure, if you excel in some activities such as journalism, sport, or art, you may be selected for university needs in that field. The choice of university can in fact be done according to our capacity . For this reason it is good to peer through the various offers those in which there is strong demand in the field in which we excel. If we are the best basketball players in fact seek universities that seek basketball players. If we, in high school, directed a small school newspaper seek among the universities that seek editors and so on.

A final point concerns the funding, and this could open up a sore point. As everyone knows universities in the United States are very expensive, and unless you can count on a scholarship, that would help greatly to pay high fees , it will be difficult to attend one of the most prestigious universities. This is why when we choose well scrutinizing sie scholarships that offers financing linked to each university, so you can have all the papers in order to enroll and pay the fees regularly.