Student representatives are an element of contact between the body of the teachers and the students themselves. Are present in middle schools than in high schools, and finally even in the universities, where take on a greater role. They can participate in meetings and educational meetings taking part in the voting concerning the Educational Area, the Bureau, and the Department Council also taking part in the drafting of the students’ posters. Let’s see how to apply to the role of student representative .

The election of a student representative , made ​​on the basis of electoral lists specifications, which includes part also lists competitors. Each list will bring the list of candidates for the Board of the Department, as well as the Council of Educational areas. Can I run for both lists without running into problems of incompatibility role. Each candidate, whether female or male, can not exceed a representation of more than 1/3 of the list. The submission of applications will have to follow a precise bureaucratic process, and must be submitted within one month before the date of the election in question, the end of this presentation is provided in universities , usually for 18:00 and can not in any way be protracted.


Every candidate will have to be accepted by the Office of the Election Department, through its written statement of acceptance of the application . In addition, you must provide your full legal name, surname, address, date and place of birth, course of study to which it is registered, its serial number and then write down the specific year of enrollment. The lists of candidates must be signed by at least 20 students with a maximum of 30studenti, voters can of course, subscribe to one list, otherwise invalidity of the vote.

Anyone who wants to run for office, as well as will have to carry out all the functions of bureaucratic order, hold a real election campaign in his favor. Often, the current political influence, not least, the election of the representative of the students at the university level. The election campaign will commence from the day following publication of the electoral all occurred until the day before (24 hours), the date for voting . The posting of electoral lists is generally twenty days before the voting. The candidate who will be elected will hold office until the expiration of three academic years, while for secondary schools (high schools) and middle schools in the election will be the easiest and the candidate will remain in office only for the current academic year.