It is advisable to start the formalities nine months before the departure date. Caution! The return in Australia is on the different periods Europe. Thus, the year begins in July, and it is possible to integrate a university during a semester in February. Studies cost a average 7000 euros per year for tuition fees , which is a significant amount. These fees vary depending on the degree and level of education.

1. Registration for Australian universities:

They recruit all on file and only record, there is no entrance exam . So you have to go through the website of each university to which you wish to apply and go to the “Applying” section. Recruitment criteria differ depending on the university, but it is known, it will be more difficult to enter. So remember to apply to universities with different profiles to increase your chances of being accepted.


2. The language test to validate your level of English:

As an international student, you need to justify a certain level of English language rather high compared to other English speaking countries . Indeed, most Australian universities are asking to get a score of 90 TOEFL Ibt, or a score of 7.0 in IELTS. This is more than the United Kingdom, or even the United States. However, universities often offer internships upgrades on site during the summer vacation. At the end of this period, they will make you spend an internal test that will validate whether your university entrance (so you can be refused if you have not reached the required level!).

3. The student visa application once accepted:

Whether you want to study in Australia a semester or a full year, you will need to apply for student visa (Form 157A) at the Australian Embassy . You will be asked for your visa:

* A valid passport
* The letter from the university confirming that you have been accepted
* Costs 255 euros

It also allows you to work part-time during your studies in Australia . ‘s time for the visa can go up to 8 weeks , then doing it quickly after receiving the confirmation letter from your university Home.