Finland has two types of training that are clearly differentiated in the Finnish university system , training in universities, and training in the Polytechnics and Institutes to UAS. The former are more theoretical based on our academic training while the latter are more oriented towards the professional world and allow to specialize. This distinction between these two types of degrees can also be found in the registration facilities, which are separated according to the type of training chosen. We thus find two sites to register for training in Finland, ” University Admission “for universities and” Admission Finland “for UAS.


Enrollment in universities in Finland:

Universities in Finland are very close to French universities, and offer well-understood general courses available in English. For more information on academic qualifications, go to “The university education in Finland.” The registration dates universities depend on the university you wish to apply. Generally, they start at the end of November and ends late February for later, knowing that the registration period each university takes two months on average, the first ending late January. For more info on the official dates, see page ” Application Period “.

Entries can be made ​​online via the website ” University Admission “, you must first create an account on the site before you start developing your application online. Once the account is created, it is necessary to provide the following documents :

Your diplomas of higher education / your degree

Certificate attesting that you are training to a sufficient degree preparing to enter training in Finland. If you are for example Degree Program, and would return to Master in Finland next year, you should ask your university a certificate stating that you are in the final year of a degree. A document attested university indicating your date of graduation that you are currently studying. A summary if English from your university with your training, your results and the subjects studied. Official language test TOEFL or IELTS kind to support your level of English.

In general, each document must be in English . If the university can not provide them to you in English, you will pass by a sworn to translate your documents formally translator. The documents must then be uploaded to the site, who will present them in the form of a PDF document. You will need to print this document, sign it, re-scan, to send later by mail via the website admissions to all universities to which you are applying.

Enrollment in institutions “UAS” in Finland:

Polytechnics or UAS in Finland are institutions offering courses geared towards the professional world, as well as specialization in specific areas. For more information, go to “Finnish UAS degrees.” Registration for UAS are from January 9 to February 14 each year, a few days away and allow to apply for several courses via the site “Admission Finland” to a maximum of four courses taught in English. It is possible that you institutes convene in early May for an interview, while the results of admissions arrive in mid-July.