Today attend an academy is one of the biggest advantages in the world of study so much so that the academies come in strong partnership with Italian universities and give the home to students who request it, to participate in internships and master of great importance who can ensure that the entry into the world of work is somewhat easier.

If you want to attend the academy after graduation, you’ll have virtually attend master to improve yourself in what you know and do you have studied theoretically. These master give you the opportunity to improve yourself and implement the practice with your passion. The Academy helps students to enter the world of work through the areas to which they have chosen as the preferred design, numismatics, graphics, photography and many others.


The headquarters of the Academy are located in Florence and Rome and the registration form can also obtain online. You will be prompted for your general information and especially to indicate which master you would like to specialize. You will also indicated the date when you will start but usually academic courses ranging from September to December or from January to May. Remember that your application must reach the secretariat of the Academy at least 45 days before the start of classes.

It good to keep in mind that attendance is mandatory and authorized only 15 days of absences per semester courses is also possible to delay it you will not be allowed in the classroom. You will be referred to the class schedules and payments that you make to the academy through the post office. These shares may be paid monthly in advance as well, but if you decide for any reason not to attend more courses, the amount that you have previously paid will not be refunded. The school provides the student all the material but not the tissues. held examinations at the end of each semester and any disputes, please contact the Florence Forum.