How to become a model student? Many, especially in these days of maturity , if they are asked. According to some scholars to be good at school, these must be born and not made. To learn and become a good student you must be receptive and then force the children to study and sometimes rare is little. Obviously stimuli are critical and thus to become a model student is necessary to adopt a number of strategies to learn quickly and to appear such in the eyes of others, the teachers in the first place .

how to become

First we need to find a method of study that is suited to their abilities. In fact, not all have the same way of storing information. For example, who has a visual memory will find it easier to make concept maps for study, while those with an auditory memory will prefer the ‘listening to the lesson repeated by comrade or recorded audio files to be affected at the right time.

It is good practice to read and often several times in a loud voice lessons to learn and repeat with someone who can correct any errors. This also serves to break the sense of embarrassment that can result from exposing other people. If it helps you, use the mirror, so you can familiarize yourself with your picture intent on talking about topics unusual. Summarized the long periods and risibility your own words, using basic concepts.

In class, try not to get sidetracked, but Seize all the ideas taking notes or recording the lesson. Have recourse to modern interactive tools offered by progress, as phones and USB sticks in which to place all the material of the lessons to take with you.Collect the notes for material in special containers so as to have immediately available to the material to be reviewed both at home and at school. If someone pays them to you, avoid photocopy, but risibility personally. Serve to store and to have something of your own. Do research, read more every topic. Many sites offer summaries and video lessons to consult. Internet so it can become a useful tool, but only if you check the source from which provide the information.

Studies in the company. Share and collaborate helps to store and keep an open mind, as well as to encourage socialization. It creates a climate of exchange for which the good companion in mathematics can give you directions while you can teach a subject in which you are particularly versed.