If you are interested to pursue a profession that can be interesting from all points of view , keep in mind that as a researcher in new technologies . In this article, step by step, I will give you all the tips and instructions on how to become useful research in new technologies. In most cases, it is a fixed-term work , but but you can help a lot in the future.

Do a search of all the competition notices that relate to the profession of researcher in new technologies that are held in your region or city . Use the various Internet sites. Please note that to become a researcher in new technologies need to have some requirements . First you have to be a citizen of the EU, being unemployed or unoccupied, have a degree in Computer Engineering , Electrical Engineering , Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science , and have an excellent knowledge of the English language and the programming language Java .


After you’re satisfied that you have all these requirements, you can take part in the selection to be held in your city or region. Apply the institution that organizes the competition in question and send it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the deadline. In that application will be also your curriculum vitae containing all of them your work experience. Meanwhile, all of the topics that will be studied with regard to exam.

You will receive a telegram in which there will be a call to the first test, which is based on qualifications. Introduce yourself to the place, day and time set by the body, according to the contents of the telegram itself. If you had to overcome the selection based on qualifications, do not remain nothing more than to undergo interview that will happen in the next moment .

You should know that the interview is the actual exam. Everything will focus on your knowledge of the English language and in the context of the Java language. Even if you have all these notions, all you have to do is study these topics the days that immediately precede the oral examination. When you have passed this test, you will be allowed to carry out this research profession in new technologies, whose remuneration is fixed by the notice. You will then receive a communication with the entity at which you go to work, with the date of commencement of contract.