To select the best university, it is important to know your resume, it is the great reference to the school’s quality.

Choosing the university at which to study a career is the most important decisions in life, because that depends largely on the quality of graduates and professionalism demonstrated in the workplace.

But what is the best university?

In these times, provision is varied. From Mexico experienced population growth over the past couple of decades, there were institutions of higher education, both public and private, who sought to meet the demand for more options to study bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees, which eventually were generating a good prestige and national presence. However, in this dynamic educational slipped currently also are known as “Schools Duckling”, taking advantage of the weaknesses of the Mexican authorities to follow up on these institutions boast of being” universities “but are characterized by academic improvisation, lack of adequate facilities and above all, the lack of a serious and responsible educational philosophy.


How to distinguish a university from a school “duck”?

The main factor which can differentiate a university would be one that is not is its development curriculum, the body of institutional knowledge bases have psychological, philosophical, epistemological and sociological conceive the school and give its reason for being. The curriculum is perhaps the most important element to distinguish a real university, as is required for processing a large study of the theoretical foundations of higher education and how these are conceived in a philosophy and educational model that correspond to the basic functions of a university, which are teaching, research and extension.

Elements of institutional curriculum in universities.

Now How to know which college you have in front has a resume serious and sustained? Surely a true university will release clear information about the elements of curriculum development, which are:Curricular Objectives: The general purpose of a certain educational level.

Curriculum: The set of content that lead to the achievement of curricular objectives and the organization and sequence that must be addressed.

Descriptive Letters: Program guide that expresses the relationship and sequence of course content, which also contains suggestions for teaching and learning experiences.

Curriculum Evaluation System: Responsible for the hiring, promotion, evaluation and accreditation of teaching students and for teaching and learning experiences.

The educational offer, in line with current realities.

In choosing the right college, you also have to take into account the relevance of their education. Schools “duckling” do not have a curriculum development, hence their proposal lacks elements that guarantee an education that meets the needs and demands of the job market to graduates. The universities covered in their educational curricula that respond to important aspects such as the development of skills in graduates in entering an international labor market, improvement of language, communication skills, human relations and knowledge and management of specific computing platforms and calling emprendurismo, the number of skills that aim to develop an entrepreneurial and business graduates, so that in the future become employers rather than employees.

So if the goal is to find the most appropriate university to study for a degree, you have to revise their curriculum development, a real college to display all this information clearly and without necessarily prompted, unlike a “duckling” that seek to escape or deny this information definitively with the classic argument that “all that is in the pipeline.” Indeed, poor ducklings, who now live with the stigma of being the symbol of a school of dubious quality. How unfair life is sometimes.