The beginning of the career of university students is in itself an important part of everyone’s life, but for some it is also a total change, not only in school, study or friendships, but also of life.There are many, in fact, the non-resident students, who attend the faculty who most love are forced to leave their city to move near the university chosen. Therefore, apart from organizing curricula and lessons, these students are having to deal with another aspect: the choice of accommodation.

Unfortunately in Italy are still few universities have a campus for students and so you need to choose where to live during their course of study. This choice is undoubtedly important and complex issue and should be made taking into account different aspects. The first key word to consider is “sharing”. Sharing an apartment with other students, it allows you to split the costs. On the other hand it also means sharing space with other people, organize a common life with attention to the needs and habits of all this is not always easy. Not everyone has a spirit of adaptation and therefore often coexistence can become stressful, if not impossible. The board, if possible, is to choose the people you know and that you know you can have a certain understanding. This no doubt helps to avoid some problems.


In some cases it may be strategic to assess whether to rent an apartment so-called “student-friendly”. These apartments are reserved for students, usually located in university areas, with prices so affordable and suitable space. What could be the disadvantage of this choice? That these apartments are designed structures “college style” (although with more space, freedom and privacy) and can be noisy and not very quiet. A great tactic before you choose may be to ask for advice and deal with those who have already experienced the “out of office” advice many times it can be a big help. Once you have made the initial evaluations, you define a budget, find the one that suits you and choosing roommates is the time to sign the contract.

This is a key step therefore must never be taken lightly. Before you sign up you have to read carefully each step of the contract, including the fine print. If something is unclear, it is important to ask for explanations, even to someone you trust. One tip is to always be wary of solutions that appear “too good to be true”, often hide some scam. In fact, the company seems quite difficult, but if approached with the right spirit, organization and attention can be a life experience and personal growth.