After graduation from high school, many students are struggling with more and more important problem: the choice of the faculty and the university to attend! There is no doubt that it is a very sensitive issue, because it is a decision that, subject to future changes, heavily affect your future employment. So it is for this that will need to be very careful and choose wisely in which faculty enroll and where to study. Now let’s see some useful advice to help you choose. Lets see how to choose the best universities.

best universities

1. Choice of the faculty

The first thing to consider is, without a doubt, the choice of the option that suits our abilities and expectations. But choosing the right right is not as easy and immediate, because not all students have very clear ideas at the end of high school! However, it could be of help do some orientation test online (there are so many), where you can show all your passions and your interests, talking to those who have already submitted some time in the university course or asking advice from professors school: in this way, you can make a pretty good idea of what to study. But the meetings are also helpful guidance offered by various universities. The advice that I can give you is to try to choose calmly and wisely: choose the material that you find most interesting and enjoyable but also think the job opportunities that it can provide!

2. choice university

Decided the right, now we have to choose the university. Already after the choice of the option can eliminate many universities from the list of candidates, because maybe they do not have that particular degree course. But how to choose? A basic characteristic is to look after the cost of living in the city of the university. Let four counts in the family and assessed what you can (and want) to spend on food, lodging, straight and extra expenses . The tuition fees in Italy are all in all accessible and do not vary too much of university in university (this is not true for private universities, of course!). Please note that fees vary according to family income and that there are incentives for working students, for those with low incomes, for offsite or for those outside the family unit.

3. Quality of the university

A very important question to ask yourself before the choice is this: choose a university near or far from home? To answer this question, you need to assess the quality of the universities that offer the course of study in which you are interested. If, for example, you have in your own town or in a nearby town a university that offers that option and if you are aware of the fact that it works well (you can see the rankings of the best Italian universities, including faculty), why not stay neighbors? If you think instead of in a city farther away you can better study those subjects, then it is time to pack (and consider all the costs of travel, accommodation and food that may result from this). Making an economic assessment and logistics since you can “discard” further other universities.

4. Quality of campus

The standard of living in the city is another important factor to consider. If you do not love the chaos of the city, will be unpleasant for you to study in a very busy city like Rome or Milan for example. You can then choose the small cities, but they are still equipped with many good universities to study. Conversely, if you loved the city life and the “movida” night, you can bet on the major Italian cities. Again, the resulting costs are an important factor to consider.

Ultimately, before choosing a faculty and the university to attend, consider all these factors and proceed calmly and carefully. You will see that the choice will not be as difficult as it seems!