Any school can be chosen, the teaching of the Italian language is a matter common to all high schools in our country. For the evaluation of the written matter, is usually considered to be the development of a theme, a processed which it is developed by following the provided title from the track. The writing an essay is also the subject of the first test examination of the Italian state , and is divided into four different types : text analysis, short essay or newspaper article, a historical theme theme free . Develop a script well is vital to the educational background , let’s see how to develop a theme.

how to develop

Then we can proceed with the construction of a concept map or a ladder, to outline all the ideas that we had previously. Through these tools, we put in order the succession of the topics that we want to address during the development of the task, so you do not forget anything during the writing phase. As soon as everything is ready, we can move on to writing the theme .

Completed the development of our subject, it is advisable to read the written content, check for misspellings and syntax, the correct use of tenses and punctuation to avoid delivering preposterous blunders. In this regard it is useful the aid of a good vocabulary of Italian and a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, in order to make the text more varied and no repeats. Finally it is useful to copy the text completed in a new sheet to be delivered, the so-called “copy beautiful”, and re-read the contents to ensure the delivery of an optimal working.

We choose the theme that most inspires us or what we more information and knowledge, and then we read carefully the instructions on how to develop it. At this point it is useful to take a separate sheet of paper and start writing down everything that comes to mind regarding that issue, namely a so-called “brainstorming”; the English term, translated into Italian “storm of ideas”, summarizes the concept of transcribing on paper or on a whiteboard all the ideas and links related to a specific theme, selecting the most suitable and befitting development.