The theoretical training provided by the various university courses is often enriched by experiences that allow you to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired. With this in mind have a significant importance the university training as an important opportunity to engage in a direct way with the professional so there is forming. A further enrichment can be represented by the possibility to realize an internship outside of Italy to broaden their career prospects beyond national boundaries or simply as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. This article will explain how to do a college internship abroad.

Who in mind to achieve an important as abroad often has no idea how to move and where to look for opportunities more consistent with their training. An important distinction, in fact, be made ​​between the training experiences made within the course of study or a few months after graduation, and those taken when you are now out of the academic circuit. In the first case we have the advantage of being able to rely on their status as a student or recent graduate and “lean” to the services that the university reference offers. It is advisable to go to the offices stages usually located within the universities to ask questions and have a few tips to proceed with this interesting experience.


For those, however, feels he can not rely on your own university or prefer to move independently to search for a host structure for their university training, the web can be a great help. portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for example ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs ), as well as scholarships and opportunities for youth exchange, also offers internship opportunities abroad.
It ‘s the case of the internship MAE CRUI based on collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian universities with the support CRUI Foundation, it is educational chances that put students and graduates in direct contact with the professional reality in the offices of this Ministry.

Another site full of opportunities for college students or recent graduates eager to learn in the field comparing with other nations, has exchanges Europeans. Although it is often a good knowledge of basis of the language of the host country, this portal allows you to find the position that best suit their needs and career aspirations.