The current economic situation in China and opportunities for internships and jobs in China are now one of the most attractive countries for students and graduates. Whether in Beijing or Shanghai, or other cities lesser known but equally interesting, large groups and national businesses grow exponentially. Gain experience through an internship in China will open up many opportunities later in the Asian market and even in Europe where your flexibility and openness will be rewarded!

Why start an internship in China?

China is the homeland of thousands of European graduates eager to discover a new culture and a growing market full of opportunities. Many graduates remain or return to China after completing their studies in order to continue their career and benefit from leadership positions in exporting SMEs and large international groups wishing to impose Asia.

Integrate into the Chinese market through an internship is a rewarding entry door to all these opportunities for your future career. In addition, the country is a real mix of culture through expatriates from around the world, and can offer a window on the world like few other destinations. It is also a great way to expand your professional network by meeting young people from around the globe.


Legislation in China for internships:

As the majority of Asian countries, there is no minimum wage in China for a trainee. If you go in a large group, a scale is usually applied to obtain proper compensation for the country you see more than comfortable. In case you go in a small, “arrangements” are often made when your pay. Housing is often proposed with sufficient compensation to cover on-site rather than a full salary. In some cases, your flight may even be supported by the organization!Everything depends on your business, the city where it is located, and the internship in question. Just make everything to find the internship opportunity that suits you!

Tips for finding an internship in China

Many students choose to stay in China after graduation to find a real job. Companies are looking for young and ready to complete the experience with them after their training and who wish to start their career in Asia. You will find a lot of internship opportunities for China in large groups and SMEs French brought to Asia. It is advisable to show a particular interest in China, and a willingness to work together for years to get excellent employment opportunities!

The process to obtain a visa internship in China

Once your internship and obtained the contract, you will begin the process of visa application training. It must be done at the Chinese embassy in Paris, at least 3 weeks to 1 month before the scheduled departure date .

Several documents are required to start the formalities:

– The agreement / contract signed internship with the company contact information, and dates of start and end.
– Your French passport
– The fee for the visa procedures (about 70 euros)
– Proof of purchase an international health insurance

All prospective student intern in China must take out health insurance for his visa internship. Indeed, outside the EU, your medical expenses are fully at your expense and it is necessary to receive health coverage. More information about the article dedicated to the insurance for an internship in China.