When you study effectively, our brain assimilates the concepts, makes them his own and allows us to rework without necessarily learn them by heart. In this way, the study topic will become part of our knowledge. However, it often happens that the student must memorize certain topics, as complex mathematical formulas, poems, a few steps of the literary text or certain articles of the Criminal Code. Before proceeding, let me say that there is no universal method to store a text! However, there are some useful things you can try to follow.

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The first step is to read all the text, leaving no stone unturned. This way, you get an idea about how you made ​​the general text and, in particular, understand what it’s about. In fact, it is always important to understand the argument that we want to save, otherwise the storage process will become more complex! Through a proper understanding of the text we can also create for ourselves the mental images that schematize and synthesize the entire text. A benefit of this technique is that, after careful reading, we can identify all those keywords that will allow us later to mentally reconstruct the text.

After the first reading, try to reflect on what you have just read and, without looking at the text, try to mentally reconstruct the steps of the argument without thought to have already stored. Then check if you remembered what is correct and, in particular, if your reconstruction of the text is in the order of the source text. In this way, you will have in mind an ordered structure of what you are going to store, a bit like the books on the shelves of a library! Now, you only have to enrich each shelf, filling not of books but of detail . Reread now only a piece of text at a time: the important thing is that each piece is easily identifiable and has a meaning. To read it out loud and try to repeat it. Do this for the rest of the text. Now you’ll definitely learned more details! This procedure has the purpose of not make you forget no passing!

Now, without looking at the text, repeat everything you remember out loud a few times and trying, whenever you feel “stuck”, to remember. At this stage you have to, strive as much as possible! If you miss a step, read the text (but only one without looking at the rest!). Continue in this manner until you have memorized everything perfectly. This method applies to both memorize certain subjects for study without the need to know them by heart! Everything will depend on how many times you repeat the steps !! Good study!