Life is generally expensive in Denmark, perhaps more than in France, and rents or are not exceptions. ‘s student housing in Denmark are mostly outside the university campus. Solutions abound, but beware, in August and September it is difficult to find a place in hostels or other temporary accommodation because of the tourists and the influx of students. So you must take a minimum in advance to ensure the best conditions for research!

University housing or “colleges”

University housing in Denmark depend directly from university, and are managed either by a dedicated department or by a private outside. In both cases, the demand for housing is via the university, often once your letter admission received. Attention, if some seats are reserved for international students, there is rarely a sufficient supply versus demand!


Private or student housing “private room”

Student housing in private homes, apartments or simply belonging to an individual are numerous, and have the advantage of a very diversified offer. Collocation between several students is a great way to share the cost of rent and charges on the spot. Some sites even offer to help you find roommates like ” Find Roommate “.

Research is often done once arrived, by staying in a youth hostel in the meantime. It is also possible to use the university can recommend different owners who used to host students. It is also possible to consult the online service, so you get an idea, or simply perform most procedures before departure. Here is a list of web portals you can find student housing in every major city in Denmark.

The average cost of housing in Denmark:

To give you an idea of ​​the price of a student housing in Denmark, here is an average of the prices recorded in the Danish cities:

* One bedroom: 300 to 500 euros per month, depending on size and options
* Two rooms: between 600 and 750 € / month
* A three-piece: up to 1 000 € / month