It may happen that during their course of education may be less motivation to study. The study is a particular method of learning that is based on intentionality. For this reason, being able to keep your motivation high and essential to be able to study with success. In other words, to be able to learn through study and important to be motivated to learn. But how do you find the motivation when it is not?

An important first step is to clarify for themselves their level of involvement in what you are doing. Because you are studying? To answer this question one has to be extremely honest with same. the why should ideally be the desire to learn. In fact, the reasons for which is studied vary from person to person. And understand what and it’s fundamental to success in building your own motivation. If the reason which led him to study and too far from where will be easy to feel demotivated. for example, is studied to make their parents happy, or to be able to one day find a better job can happen easily lose interest in what you are studying. In this case it is important to resort to some trick which allows to move the reason why we study closer to him. Be directly involved in, for it is something that increases your chance to do it successfully.


To increase their level of involvement and find the motivation to study, it is essential to identify its target and be able to divide it into a number of targets smaller and smaller until you reach goals that can be organized in actions that are to their capacity and directly involving. For example, if the objective and study to be promoted, you can try to increase their level of involvement and motivation to identify a series of micro targets such as the passing of checks and interrogations, the achievement of which will be appropriate to identify practicable actions immediately and successfully. Since the best nourishment to study with success is the success itself, it will be important to establish objectives and actions that are truly to their capacity. The more you feel tired and unmotivated, the smaller will be the stated objectives. Each goal achieved will act as a motivation to achieve the next.

To increase the catalytic power of success in finding your motivation to study, you should celebrate every time you reach a small goal. Sometimes, especially at the beginning of this process, it may be useful to establish small prizes to serve as reinforcement to the results. Over time, probably, the premiums will no longer be necessary, because the self-confidence and good opinion of himself ‘obtained through the successful study will be for you the most beautiful gift.