How To Get Best Graduate Degrees? it is simple. Good news for lovers of video games and animation: a Salerno has recently created a new undergraduate program created and managed by IUDAV ( European University Institute of Animation and Video games ) that form animation professionals and the development of video games. You got it: video games will finally get a job! For the first time in Italy will start a degree course that raises a matter of university study an area beloved by young (or not) as that of video games. The goal of the project is to give life to a new generation of Italian animation professionals and the development of video games that are competitive on the international market.


The degree program provides a common path for a first year of a two-year specialization consists of both theoretical and practical activities through attendance at workshops and practical training. The student may choose between two training courses: Animation (aimed at creating technicians in the production and realization of animated audio-visual content) and Video games (for the training of technicians for the production and realization of video games). But if you think that this course is a “game”, you are mistaken! The teaching of the course is provided by a scientific committee composed of eminent personalities from the world of culture, by professionals from academia, business and social skills and who have expressed knowledge in the field of art, communication and technology in the field of outside Europe. In short, you will learn that studying does not mean playing video games all day!

The job opportunities are interesting and well-paid. Interactive advertising, film, television, video games, interactive installations have, in turn, created a strong demand in the labor market. You will learn to use programs such as Photoshop, ZBrush, 3ds Max and Maya, or the software the most powerful and well known for the pre-production and production assets for video games and movies at high level also varied and prestigious companies in the industry have provided support to project by providing teachers and providing internship opportunities for entering the world of work in one of the few manufacturing sectors that knows no crisis and maintains a positive trend.