Sometimes you can win a scholarship but did not get the chance to finish it or to continue, in order to overcome this drawback can be waived for one year or for the entire duration of the scholarship, following the appropriate procedures that the university that you have selected as the researcher claims to the waiver. The procedure is in fact quite simple, though it may remain simple the Italian bureaucracy , mostly need to download the forms from the internet at the site of the faculty in which you work and then compiled in order to return them to the secretariat of the university. Everything will be explained in this tutorial that will help you understand how to give up the scholarship.

The first step is therefore to access the official website of the faculty when you won the scholarship , enter your credentials, which can be the number, name and surname, and access in your section, where you can check all data, your payments and your own research. Once in your section you can go into ‘modules’ and download the one for the renunciation of the bag. May be waived for one year only or for the entire bag, so depending on the problem you can opt for one or the other solution.


The second step is to compile the module , which must be completed in its entirety. You must specify the name, last name, residence, date of birth and the academic year in which it operates as a researcher . Also, if paid in advance, it is also necessary to establish that there is a commitment to repay the sum which is perceived to make it impossible to carry out the research period which was won by application and selection .

Once you have completed everything necessary to bring the module in voice teaching, so that the clerk can verify and protocol The return of the money should instead be made ​​by bank transfer to the bank that will show you in the office, specifying in the case of ‘renunciation of the scholarship. The procedure , as you can see, it is not complicated, but it takes a bit of patience and tenacity to complete all the steps that we have indicated Once the everything is right you confirm your receipt of the submission that the sheet of proof of bank money back if you need to return the fee.