The photographic memory or deistic allows us to remember pictures, names, words and numbers with extreme precision. Unfortunately, because of its characteristics, it is not easy for anyone “owning” a! In fact, to have a good photographic memory requires that our brain is equipped with a high “plasticity”, its ability to reorder in time breaking and continually forming new connections. And when that does not happen, it is hard even to remember what you had for lunch the day before! However, although it is almost impossible to get a photographic memory only with a few tips, you can take some tips to significantly improve the ability to recall information. Let’s see how.

photographic memory

It ‘been documented that people who suffer or have suffered from depression, have significant difficulty with memory and concentration. Pathologist such as depression but also anxiety, anger and other conditions that cause stress, increase levels of Coriolis in the brain at the expense of cells in the hippo campus (the part of the brain used in memory), which are “damaged” inexorably! While every case of depression is different, for some people may need to take medications like SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) or selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors, to recover normal brain function. However, in general, there are many other ways to cure or at least alleviate anxiety and stress. One of the best ways is certainly to often do what you love, especially when it comes to activities to be performed outdoors. Alternatively, they have given excellent results even those activities that promote awareness of themselves, such as meditation, yoga and tai chi. Another way to relieve anxiety and depression is to socialize more often. Look for more of your friends, relatives and loved ones, and avoid spending too much time alone absorbed in your thoughts!

Another way to clear your mind from stress is to keep it “active”. This is because our brain works in a similar way to the muscles of the body: the more you keep in training, the better its performance. Unfortunately, it is also true that many people are so taken by their daily routine, which often do not have the time or the desire to do something in this regard. To try to remedy this situation, try to include some of the following activities to stimulate the brain.