The human brain is an amazing machine and very complex! However, the researchers were able to unravel some of the mysteries that explain how the process commonly called “memory”. And with the understanding of the operation of the memory, it may be able to store information for a long period of time. So to improve your method of study and enhance the ability to remember information you learn in class and usually on the books, today we will discover 5 simple tricks that can help improve learning. Lets discuss about how to improve memory.

1. The “nap” afternoon

After lunch is crucial for your memory to make a short “siesta”. This is because the afternoon nap prepares the mind to absorb more information. A NASA study has shown that those who are resting in the afternoon can develop greater brain activity than those who do not.

how to improve memory

2. Display Of Information

Visualization is one of memorization techniques most used by students. But, if you think about it, is also the most instinctive. In a nutshell, is to associate information (such as a name or an event) to an image or a concept that is very familiar. Most of the time is used to learn the vocabulary of a foreign language, name lists or sets of information.

3. Technique “of Loci”

Few people know, but also the great Cicero invented a method to remember all kinds of useful information: the so-called method of loci, or ” memory palace “. This technique is based on the strength of spatial relations, which are associated with the concepts to construct mentally a place or a number of places to store the information that you must remember. Specifically, it is based on the innate ability of our mind to associate different ideas or images between them. The Latin term locus-loci , means and place to use this technique we must first think precisely to a place or route that you can display in your head very clearly. It can be your home, the way you do every day to go to school, or any place that contains clear benchmarks or rooms. Once the familiar path that you want to address and reference points contained in them that will help the memory, it’s time to associate information to them that you want to remember. Imagination in this technique is of fundamental importance, because you will have to call to mind the way that we choose or the house we want to serve us. When you have to go over the chapter just studied or are you in front of your teacher, imagine for example retrace the different rooms of your home in the desired order and brought to mind the key concepts that you have associated with each location. In this way hardly lose their train of thought or a passage of a demonstration.

4. Puzzles

The games that stimulate mental activity are always a valuable way to improve memory of a student. According to a recent study, in fact, would develop the ability of a person to absorb stimuli of different nature. For a student, such as those based puzzle games (like crosswords or Sudoku) will be very useful to enhance your ability to learn different concepts related to different subjects.

5. Power to Base of Omega 3

All scientists agree that in under 30 a constant consumption of Omega 3 leading to an immediate increase in the ability to learn. Some of the foods that contain it are salmon, tuna, oysters, pumpkin seeds, Brussels sprouts and nuts.