In these times where interpersonal communication is characterized by speed, it is essential to use tools to improve our listening.

Undoubtedly, the biggest problem that exists in human relations is the lack of communication effectively. Unfortunately people do not realize that sometimes can be very vague in what they say, inadvertently creating various interpretations of his message. A major element in the processes of effective communication is listening , it is the best indicator of quality in a relationship. People talk to be heard is because in some way compromised the dignity of people, or talking to someone who just is not listening can be annoying, uncomfortable and even offensive.

Problems listening distort communication between people

However, listening also involves the responsibility of the issuer, the speaker must be aware of your message is well heard, for speech can only be effective when issuing the message occurs in the other what you expect, you notice that the receiver understood the message in full and it is also interesting.We must take into account a very important factor: between what is said and what the other might be listens gaps of communication made ​​of visions and differences with the world both the sender and the receiver, so it is essential to a constant monitoring of the communication process, so as to understand without any problem what is said and what is heard. What can be done to make a listening effectively?


Check the listener, a herrmienta to understand the messages

Is to ask the speaker to repeat what he heard he was told, if done correctly then got the message. This verification could also hear the message that the same way. Another way to check is to ask the speaker listens to pause in his speech when it detects that the message is still unclear, to make this process of repetition of the speech. It is important to reflect that the time lost by poor listening leads to higher costs that have invested a couple of minutes to verify the listener.

Improves listening share concerns of people

It is important to know the reasons why the speaker addresses the listener, the reasons that lead him to speak, so we have more elements to correctly interpret his speech.

To investigate, a tool that encourages interest in communication

In opportunity is necessary to ask for more complete information or corroborate what was heard, especially if there is some ambiguity in what he says he is talking about, and although it can sometimes be uncomfortable, it can, on the other side more information. Certainly, listening in interpersonal relationships seems simple, especially because people assume that effective listening is implicit message, which is a big mistake, it is essential to improve communication in a world where globalization caused relations among people are characterized by speed, immediacy and lack of commitment. By understanding the implications of hearing problems among individuals is demonstrated that most everyday problems and important that has humanity, are precisely of communication.