language to learn, but there are some things you can do to learn the language more quickly. Even people who do not have a natural talent for learning foreign languages ​​will be able to master this language for good if it is studied with perseverance and commitment. In today’s article we will learn some secrets to practice, speak, read and write English in a much more rapid and appropriate. Let’s see how to learn to speak English in five simple steps:

speak english

For a start, even if you have sufficient knowledge of the language, you can take lessons in English for beginners. The first rule is always to start from the bottom! The teacher of English basic, usually, will have the right experience to teach a variety of students the essentials of English regardless of the primary language of the students.

Buy an English course on DVD. This will give you the opportunity to review all the lessons in your spare time without being subject to respect times. So, buy a course audio and listen to in the car or while you work, if possible. The higher the quality of the course, you will learn more quickly.

Practicing” English talking with other people, preferably native English speakers. Or you can make friends with people who are already very good in the language and who are also willing to help you learn English by making simple conversations with you. Another useful way is to make friends on the Internet with native English speakers and chat with them often. You will probably be surprised how quickly you can learn by having conversations in English.

Watch TV shows or movies in English and who have not subtitles in Italian. Pay attention to the dialogues and try to understand what the actors are saying. I assure you that this is a useful and fun at the same time to learn the language!

Read newspapers, books and magazines (including online) in English. At first not everything you read will have much sense to you, but the more your knowledge of the language will grow more will increase your understanding of written English. Understand written English will definitely help you to learn to speak the language much faster.