The maturity approaches, the summer progresses and indecision about what to do about us and the future is always stronger. What attitude will be best to follow in a period so dramatic special: look for a job, and maybe settle, or continue with their studies? If the answer is oriented on the second part of the question, there is the dilemma of which university to choose, if you will give us this job, if you will reflect our idea of university life. In any case, whatever option we choose, the certainty is that if students become one of the many so-called “off-site”, you will need to have a house of refuge in the evening. Here I report a mini guide on how to search homes for rent to college students.


There are so many ways to look for a house: internet is a source of infinite information, with countless sites specifically devoted to this purpose, but there are also branches scattered in many university towns and announcements posted everywhere. Once you have chosen your destination city, you can first check the many sites available on the internet as it now. It, CareerBuilder. It, Rentals students, Simply ads, my rent. Entered in the sites, just specify the desired city and the object to search for (rooms and beds for students): There will appear a series of deals. In the ads shows the phone number to contact the homeowner and ask about costs, the terms of the furnishings and the ability to see for yourself the room. In addition, often, there are sites devoted to the exchange of information on houses and rooms for rent, specific to individual cities.

Another method is to go to real estate located in the city you want and ask to see homes and beds for college students. Also information can be found on magazines usually distributed free in bars, kiosks or in front of the bus. Or even, for the cities of smaller size, making a simple stroll downtown or near the university is easy to find in the classic signs of vibrant colors with the words “For rent”, affixed to the doors of many buildings.

And then there are the boards hanging on the walls of the university, packed with announcements, advertisements and special offers to suit all tastes and requirements! Just make a note, call and spend some time to see live rooms that could potentially become “their rooms” for the next year.

Be very careful when you make the final decision and not rely only on the cost: it is essential to have close to public transport, supermarkets, and of course some fun! Looking for a good value for money uninviting! Finally, remember that in many countries there is the so-called “student house”, an agreement with the university and available to students made off. And do not forget to ask for advice from those who have already lived this experience, perhaps in the same city where you live: it can be useful and crucial to make the right decision.