The change of institution , from high school to college , it may be for many students a wonderful event but traumatic. In fact, many kids are afraid to make a choice because they do not know anyone who wants their undertake the same course of study. In this tutorial I would like to give you some advice on how to get the college friends and welcome to the best in your life this wonderful experience eliminating doubts and uncertainties.

Of course, to make new friends you should try to be as open as possible, trying to put aside your shyness and your fears . Not everyone can put aside this side of their character so I would advice to be yourself and try to establish new relationships gradually. For example, once you have access to aulee of university courses that you have to follow you sit next to someone rather than sit in a lonely place. To make communication easier unite with other people who seem to be in your same situation and try to set aside all what sort of injury (is not the clothes that make the Monaco and a person who may seem very different from you can prove best you’ve ever known).


Another good tip, just to tighten friendship university , it can be to join the forum of your home university. In fact, almost all universities have a space in which students can exchange thoughts and information. Write and communicate behind the screen of a computer may help you to open yourselves more simply and to be expansive without any fear.

In addition, I recommend that you study well the floor plan of your university, learning to get to know the place where you stay for many years then you will know many people in the cafeteria or the library, but also in the corridors or in the computer Also, if you come to know someone who seems to be much more expansive than you, down, stay next door and ask them to introduce you to a friend or simply to get acquainted This way you will have a safe shoulder who can help you to better adapt to this new and fascinating experience I hope that this guide will have given you an encouragement to make the most the wonderful experience that the university you will be able to provide.