Every student is always trying something exciting and different from their university life . Making Erasmus is a good opportunity to learn about new approaches to the study : allows you to perfect a foreign language and get to know different people from you. With this guide we will see how to join the Erasmus project and what to do once you get to the country that hosts us.

If you are interested to join this project, all you have to do is fill in the necessary forms (usually found on the website of your faculty). At compile time, we also ask you to choose a destination from among various alternatives : Currency well the different proposals . After completing the forms, you will need to deliver at the designated office together with the required documents, including the list of tests and examinations carried you want to do during the Erasmus with the opinions of your teachers and their programs. This is very important for the validity of the application.


After the expiry of the notice will be published a ranking of suitable candidates. If you do not fall within the chosen people, you can reapply if they were to remain unassigned seats. To join the project you will need to fill in the learning agreement, the list of exams that you’ll want to play abroad, which will be sent from the office manager to the host. Everything is ready for departure. The services offered vary depending on whether the destination is a small or big city. It may happen that in small companies there are more chances to stay in the homes for the students, while in the big cities the hardest part of it is that the search for lodgings. Do not be discouraged: the beginning is normal to feel a bit disheartened.

Remember, once you reach the host university, therefore go to the Office of Student Mobility to inform staff of your arrival, so you will also receive the study plan with the lessons to follow and their times, if you can participate in courses language, not only because it will allow you to have a degree of knowledge certificate, but also because it will allow you to meet other students like you who have decided to study abroad. Do you experience this change your life, and it’s an opportunity not to be missed, even if it scares having to live a few months in a foreign country Whoever did the Erasmus has not really repented.