Study is an interesting activity and at the same time very challenging. Not always it is tempting to read and memorize many pages and want to sit down to study is minimal. To overcome these small problems during the course of study , you can arrange a good study group. Let’s see how you can do.

Having a study group to devote himself constantly to books. To rely on other people can encourage each other and have a cultural exchange for explanations and practical help regardless of the subject being studied. Join forces and capabilities often proves to be very useful to study with ease and profit. There are, however, rules to follow to ensure that the study group had the expected success.


It is important to choose the right number of people that will be part of the study, the type of people and the place where we will meet to study. The number is very important not to waste time to organize the study and to ensure that there are more distractions. Managing a small group is much more efficient that handle them very large. The interventions, explanations and questions can greatly slow down the study, then applies the proverb “few but good.”

The group should be composed of people diligent and with a great desire to study. They should be avoided students or students who tend to procrastinate and not to fulfill their commitments. Each day of the study should have its own program that absolutely should not slip in the days following, which would result in a vortex of references. Should not be given frequent breaks or extra frills out of place because in this way would take away precious time in the study. This means knowing how to choose the right people having all as primary objective the study and no fun.

The place where it meets the group should be comfortable, practical and easily accessible by all. Each type of distraction must be eliminated. We may meet in special places within the university or in individual apartments by rolling. The group should have some sort of “leader” to coordinate activities and make everyone feel active participants . By following these practical and simple tips you will be able to organize a study group productive and efficient.