Examination of Business Administration is one of the first to confront the Faculty of Economics. Usually, in fact, is part of the examinations scheduled for the first year. This examination is essential for the student of economics, as it addresses both elements of accounting that generic aspects concerning its policies, balance production and regulatory elements that any future degree in Economics can not not know. So today I want to give you some helpful advice on how to prepare for an exam.

how to prepare for an exam

The examination is divided into two main parts. One concerns the accounting aspects of the company and includes elements accountancy, writes in double entry, budget etc. The other aspect concerns the strategic aspects of business management or policies of the supply of goods, inventory management, the balance of production and so on. In this second part, are often incorporated elements of a legal nature especially on the definition of the company, on the possible types of minimum requirements for the establishment, the basic organs, statutory documents etc. In any case, both aspects of the examination of Business Economics will be critical for the purposes of overcoming it, then go studied for good! So, I suggest you address first the accounting .

In this way, in fact, that memory will count more in-depth understanding of the processes and the logical accounting. It will be also important to understand the nature of the accounts (economic, financial or earnings) and their position in the budget. To improve this aspect, I recommend you do a lot of exercises on the scriptures, opening and closing of financial statements etc. When you have understood well the accounting, you can get up to the other party, or the more mnemonic (especially with regard to the regulatory elements). Try to understand the logic underlying the strategic decisions of management and draw on paper an outline of the most important things to keep in mind. This study will be done after the mnemonic part accounting mainly because it will help to be “fresher” the day of the exam and you will also avoid too much repetition of the arguments.