The examination of Business Administration is one of the first to face in the course of the academic career of Economics. Usually, in fact, is part of the examinations scheduled for the first year. The examination is essential for a person who studies economics as studying confront both elements of accounting that generic aspects regarding company policies and balance production and normative elements that you must know if you are pear in this area. In this guide give you some guidance on how to prepare for the exam.

Examination of Business is divided into two substantive parts. A aspects accounting company; therefore includes elements from an accounting perspective, writes in double, budget, etc. The other side concerns aspects of strategic business management, we study the policies of delivery of the goods, warehouse management, the balance of production and so on. In this second part are also often included elements of a legal nature especially on the definition of company, the possible types of minimum requirements for the establishment, internal parts, etc. statutory documentation. Both sides, of course, are fundamental and must be well-known for the purpose of passing the exam.

It is therefore necessary first to distinguish the two parts described and the methodological approach. Council to address the accounting first. In this context, in fact, than memory has in-depth understanding of the processes and logic statements. Is to understand the nature of the accounts (economic, financial or earnings) and their placement in the budget. For practice, you often do exercises on the scriptures, opening and closing balance sheets etc.

When you are well underway with the book you begin to study the other hand, the more mnemonic, especially with regard to the normative elements. You understand the logic behind the strategic decisions of management and get an outline of things to keep in mind. it best to leave this part for study or because the second mnemonic will be cooler day examination and you will avoid too many repetitions. Of course, as with all tests, try to repeat as much as possible (especially the topics of this part) to capture naturalness in language specific to this technical matter.