The university is known, require commitment and organization, otherwise it will lead to some desired results. But when you find yourself having to prepare an examination like that of Organic Chemistry, rigor, commitment and organization should, if possible, be even greater. The chemical is a wonderful material that can unravel many of the mysteries that accompany our everyday life and for this reason one of the most beautiful and interesting to study. But this is a matter that requires an open mind and an ability to proceed to the next step in order to understand the steps that the study involves. Let’s see how to address this important question may be found in many scientific .

For the exam of organic chemistry must have necessarily had already passed a test of General and Inorganic Chemistry , which allows you to acquire the knowledge needed to understand the issues related precisely to the chemistry of carbon and all that concerns it. In the present case the Organic Chemistry will treat the various types of binding of carbon compounds , the various classes of organic compounds and fundamental notions of stereo chemistry. To understand how the molecules are arranged in space and how they work together will be necessary, if not indispensable, to attend, in addition to classroom-based course, even the laboratories that are generally organized in universities and making use of three-dimensional models highly useful explanatory .

Even the physical is preliminary in the study of organic chemistry, especially with regard to the basic thermodynamics and the concepts relating to spectroscopy . Remember this when studying physical encounter these issues, try to understand them well and thoroughly, you’ll need some more. Surely we are not talking about topics that are learned in a few days, but it is worth to dedicate long enough to master the concepts and do the exact method of study appropriate to facilitate our task.

In most fields of study ‘s examination is divided into two phases, the first written and the second oral. Prepare well to the script, making the largest possible number of exercises and consulting exam papers of previous appeals. This will bring you to the fateful day more prepared and more confident. Once you pass the written exam, will touch all oral examination . Be prepared if possible with a fellow student, ask yourself and get used to each other so to speak in front of another person. Well, now I wish you good luck.