Institutions of Private Law, together with the Financial Mathematics, is the stuff that inspires more fear among college students of Law and Economics. Is considered one of the most difficult subjects in the first year because of the breadth of the program and, of course, the topics that make up. Private Law is that matter that deals with regulating the relationship between the private and the textbook is, in reality, very thorough explication of the Civil Code . That’s why the study of private law must always be associated with a good reading of the Civil Code, as it contains everything you need to know to better face the exam. Here’s how to effectively prepare this difficult exam.

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First, for the successful completion of the examination, it will be crucial to choose the manual on which to study. If you are undecided on the choice, as a rule, it is useful to buy the text recommended by the same teacher. However, in any case, any other manual of private law will be fine. Also, a very important thing to be able to pass the exam of private law, will obviously be the method of study adopted. In this regard, we must say that there are no methods more “right” than others, because everyone has a different way of learning. However, there are methodologies definitely wrong! And ‘certainly wrong to try to learn hundreds of pages in memory, it is wrong to never repeat it out loud, it is absolutely wrong to study only the abstracts or lecture notes! However, another wrong method to study this matter, is to repeat the arguments with an open book before the eyes because, in this way, you will develop the concept but you will tend to store only the speech used by the author of the text! A “correct” way to study this subject is to:

1. Read a first time to assimilate the ‘topic;
2. Read a second time and then make some kind of reworking of the written text;
3. Repeat aloud. This last step is essential to assess whether the concepts have been understood clearly (I advise you to help you with diagrams or maps conceptual to store better definitions and basic notions)

L ‘exam of Private Law, as we know, is one of the simplest and if you think you might overcome only by memorizing the most important articles of the civil code. satiate that you’re going to secure rejection! Contrary to what is commonly thought, to study this matter we must effectively use less memory and more the ability to reason, to go back to the principles and know how to then be applied to different cases. Know that it will take at least two months of serious study to prepare you to deal with this question. Everything will depend on your ability and willingness to learn. In addition, it will also be important that you acquire some familiarity with the legal terms. The teacher, in fact, will also assess the exposure and your ability to acquire and in expressing in a technical language.