Examination of Public Law is one of the first students of the Faculty of Law, Political Science or Economics must face at the beginning of their higher education. For the former, however, it is a very important matter and that training, if well designed, will acquire a set of concepts that will return especially useful when you will also face tests of Constitutional Law and European Community Law . Now let’s see some advice on how to study this matter and prepare effectively for the exam.


First, try to attend with some diligence the course taught by the teacher and, if possible, sit as close as possible to the chair, so you can record the lessons (if the teacher allows it!). Also, being so close may cause the professor will remember you as frequent visitors of his lessons on exam day. The next step will be to rearrange your notes in fair copy as soon as possible, because the next day you could risk having already forgotten some of the important step explanation. To have notes as faithful to the book, you can also see what it says on the subject of the lesson, in order to integrate what you have written with the concepts in the manual. This is very useful, because it can often happen that you fail to understand something and the book remains the best tool to solve your doubts and your concerns (in addition to the professor during office hours). Remember that the examination of public law is based more often on the norms of the Constitution and other legislation. Get tickets as soon as possible, including via the Internet, as it is the most immediate way to find them and keep them easily on the PC in the most current version. Keep on hand these regulations will help you when you will find references and references to them. As I always say in these cases, go to attend to some examination session, so you know if there are some questions most frequently asked by the teacher and start from those during the review. In recent years, it is common practice for some professors (wrong!) Of “forcing” the student to buy a book written by them on a specific topic of Public Law. Although this action is, in my opinion, deplorable …… try not to take too lightly the study of this book, because it is very likely that you will be asked specific questions on this manual. Another tip that I can give you is to prepare well a topic at will . Very professors request it, even to put you more at ease if they see you rather nervous or in a moment of difficulty.


In my opinion, the examination of public law is not within the inner circle of the exams almost impossible! More than anything, it is a matter quite “substantial”. The biggest obstacle of exams of the first year is all in technical language to be acquired. The law has in fact its own terminology that you can not expect to replace with synonyms ill-suited to this matter. So I suggest you repeat the lesson aloud, paying attention to the words you use. Proper expressive capacity is very important in order to get a good grade in this exam. Good luck!