In a previous guide I explain how to contribute to the call for scholarship Erasmus . If you were to do it, and be awarded a scholarship, there rocked! The bureaucratic process has just begun and at this point you can not afford to miss a date! Here’s how to proceed.

If you have won a scholarship Erasmus Monaco of Bavaria , first double check your deadlines. in Germany the semesters begin later than in Italy. The first generally begins in mid-October, the second in April. Also check the deadlines of your Faculty , which are fundamental and often relentless.

The very first thing to do is the application at the University of destination. On the site of the University of Monaco will find the link to the application on-line , to be done by setting a precise date. In case you want starting from the second half of the year, have the courtesy to contact the referent German and Italian and communicate your choice: they must manage many students each semester, and know who part in the second semester can make their job easier, allowing them to dedicate the time to the students of the first semester.


After filling out the application online, print it and take it to your contact Faculty, who will sign it and Farlay in Monaco. In the application form is given the opportunity to request, when available, a room in a student and the assignment of a tutor, or another student who will help you to attend to the practices and ambient. I advise you to select both. For the room, it is easier to have her second semester, due to the lower occupancy of Erasmus.

The second thing to do (and usually even these deadlines are stringent) is a draft Learning Agreement . It is a learning agreement between the Faculty of your membership and the destination. You’ll have to navigate on the site of the University of Monaco in search of materials with programs similar to those you intend to “replace”. Usually the lists of materials, in Monaco, go out late compared to our deadlines, so for this first draft can consult the previous year.

Then you will have to replace the draft of the Learning Agreement with the LA itself. You will need to print the programs of the subjects, presenting them to the teachers of the subjects that you intend to give and abroad, after having made ‚Äč‚Äčtheir compatibility check, you sign a form in which the professor in question states to accept the “replacement” of his subject with that in question. After that, you fill in the official form of LA, you do sign makers and Erasmus will surrender, attaching the signed forms by the professors.