Some people find it easy to write down their thoughts and experiences in a journal. This act helps them release their unexpressed emotions while at the same time it improves their writing skills. It’s a rewarding feeling for many people to be able to express their thoughts and emotions in writing.

Technology has played a major role in making this hobby fast and easy today. With the internet, computers and mobile devices, people can now do their journaling in a breeze.

If writing is your passion, a career in this field would be a good fit for you. In college, you can pursue a degree in Communications or Journalism which can help improve your writing skills.

Writing Career

You just need to determine your capabilities and decide which type of writer you would like to become after completing your degree. Take note that there are different types of writer.

Published Writer

If you’re a bookworm since your younger days and writing short stories or perhaps novel is what you see yourself doing even if it means having sleepless nights, being a published writer or author is the perfect career path for you. Be sure that you have to be really passionate about writing amidst the distractions that exist in order to succeed in this field.

For aspiring authors and novelists, there are various genres available to choose from. You can focus on just one genre such as fantasy or fiction, in general or you can write non-fiction books.

Web Content Writer

Bloggers and article writers fall in this category and they write for blogs, websites, e-zines, ebooks and article directories. Most are freelancers while the others are staff writers with many of them having no background as writers and have day jobs. They normally cover a wide variety of topics such as on travel, food, health and law among others although one can also choose to specialize only on specific topics in which they’re most interested.

Article writers can also write for print magazines that focus on their specific topic of interest.

Academic Writer

Academic writers are people who write for textbooks, scientific journals and university managzines. They can be either article writers or book writers who desire to have their work published more than gaining money. For this type of writer, having one’s work published is a huge honor that can help further their career.

Many academic writers are teachers, professors and scientists who do research.

News Writer

A news writer needs to have a background in journalism. This kind of writer needs to be updated of what’s going on around his community, the state and country where he or she lives in as well as the rest of the world.

Writing news is different in that it is straightforward and takes into account the what, who, when and why aspects of a newsworthy story.


Copywriters are focused on the marketing aspect of a product or service. They write to sell and those skilled in this field normally get paid well.

Copywriters can work for advertising agencies or any other company that requires creating marketing materials to promote their product or service.

Game Writer

Game writers are in demand these days what with the growing number of video games being developed worldwide. Their work involves creating plots, characters and describing the environment where the game is set. These people work with a team of game developers such as programmers and artists.

If your preference is towards writing for game apps, you can work for large companies as a staff writer. Freelancers, however, can accommodate more work notably from small to medium size studios that create and sell games.

Once you have decided which type of writer you want to become, you can proceed with looking for jobs by visiting a freelance writers jobs board. There are many you can find online and most have an updated list of jobs available.

Online work is most convenient for writers today. It saves you time and travel cost and the great benefit for parents is they can be close to their family every day.