When you have to give a test and take an exam school, it is quite normal to be gripped by anxiety or distress. Some even falls into one state of total panic and accuses vomiting and abdominal pain. However it would be a good thing groped to relax, because presenting the examination under conditions of nervousness, you could fall into a confused state that certainly would not enhance performance. The common fear of the students, is to make the scene changes to the fear of not remembering what has been previously studied. Of course, all these sensations we feel, are completely unfounded and are only fear dictated from irritability. And necessary to adopt rules of relaxation before taking an exam in order to avoid being overwhelmed by anxiety.

First would be a good idea to mention the studio the day before the test to be easy on the mind and so as not to overlap the various topics you have learned. Prefigure then a day of rest and relaxation to devote completely to yourself. The morning before the exam, close your books and try not to touch them, because you just have to realize that now that you have read and re-read, it is perfectly stored in your mind. No fear if you come overwhelmed by panic. It ‘very normal to have the feeling of not remembering anything but put yourself right in the head, that even if you kept repeating the same topic for hours, you risk only to go to take the exam in one state of complete confusion.


Your brain needs to rest at least one day before and is therefore strongly advisable not to open the books and especially do not think the test the next day. Outputs, pass some time outdoors and, if you like sports, practiced a few hours of running, that will relax you. If you do not like to run, take a bike and ride to the outskirts of the city, otherwise you go shopping with friends or carry out any activity which is able to distract you from the study.

Avoid drinking alcohol or beverages that contain stimulants such as caffeine, but prefer chamomile or teas If you can, do some exercise yoga or biofeedback, especially those that relax the mind, how to think of being in a wonderful place. In short, cleared your mind, relax, enjoy a moment’s pause, but you are away from the studio one day before It is important to focus on the tactics of relaxation so that the body is free from anxiety and the night before the test, take a nice relaxing bath and drink a calming tea and you’ll see that the next morning, you will face the day of the examination with a different spirit.