The few job opportunities present unfortunately in Italy push every year many students decide to continue their studies abroad, especially in prestigious universities in the UK. But not only for this. Some start to improve English proficiency and test their skills by attending a multiethnic people like the British. However, attending an English university could be an excellent learning experience, especially because it can offer a serious chance to take over one day in a working context outside of your prospects. Today we will see the basic information to attend a university course in the UK. Lets see how to sign up for A University in the UK.

sign up

First, all universities in the UK are managed by the UCAS to which you will have to submit the application form. Following the UCAS will send it to different universities, considering not only your references as the diploma that you have taken and the votes received but also because they want to attend a school outside of your home country. If this first test fails, do not worry: there is another test that requires less demanding references. University fees vary from region to region (generally, high!) But Britain by the possibility of enrollment to students who can not afford to pay costly fees. Usually are paid the entire fees for the academic year to those who request it, presenting a special forms where it appears that the family of the student is not in the economic conditions to be able to pay the tuition. The student will be required, however, to sign a document which will undertake to repay the university, once their studies and find a job.

University Courses

University courses in England are divided into undergraduate courses (equivalent to our graduate and master degrees in one cycle) and graduated courses (equivalent to our advanced degrees). The former are all limited number, so you’ll have to submit an application for admission to the course you wish to attend. Each year it will be possible to apply for five different courses at the same university or different universities. The deadline for submitting applications is usually set at 15 October in the year preceding the start of the degree program for the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, for courses in veterinary medicine and dentistry. For Art and Design is March 24. For all other courses the deadline is January 15.

As I mentioned earlier, to complete the application must have the baccalaureate , the report card last year of high school, a certificate of proficiency in English (IELTS and TOEFL), a letter of recommendation from a your teacher and your own text presentation. The first thing to do is to register on the site of the UCAS with your data, then enter the details of your high school grade, the grade on the report card of certain matters that depend on the course you have chosen, the level of knowledge of English, a letter of recommendation and, importantly, the presentation text. Particular attention will be the cover letter , as recruiters will be based primarily on what you have written about you.

So, try to “self-promote yourself” effectively, demonstrating its preparation and good reasons to attend the faculty of your choice without being arrogant or bragging results ever achieved! Without this, there will only have to wait for the response of the university. Usually you have to wait in April and are three possible answers: denied (rejected request), unconditional offer (offer unconditional) and conditional offer (conditional offer). Italian students usually receive a conditional offer: this means that the university in question is willing to give you a place in his course as long as you get a vote of maturity and / or determined enough votes in certain subjects. At this point, considering the proposals of the various universities, you can select the offers of two courses, and if at the end you manage to get the feedback requests, you are automatically admitted, by simply sending documents via mail.