The seven aspects of nursing practice affect health promotion, disease prevention, early detection of signs and symptoms, Nursing 2013 assistance under the elements bio-psycho-social-spiritual-sexual assistance in medical care with the administration of medications and treatments, rehabilitation or rehabilitation, and finally reintegration. A nurse or nurse is to help individuals, families and communities to maintain an optimum level of health and functioning.

The nurse and the nurse allowed not only work with stable clients but also those whose condition is changing, unstable. This work includes taking vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration.) Also, they and they evaluate pain and its relief in their clinical work. They and prepare and administer medications to clients, including subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous, treat wounds, apply sterile dressings, catheters inserted bladder and administer a variety of other treatments in addition to provide basic care. Them and they believe, plan, implement client care and evaluate outcomes. Them and they are responsible for checking the response to treatment and progress made clients to a higher level of independence. Them and they check the results of laboratory tests and do the necessary follow-up. The nurse and the nurse are at the center of interdisciplinary health sciences.


The nurse and the nurse may specialize in areas such as surgery, neurology, emergency care, intensive care, obstetrics and gerontology or in other areas of health care. These specializations are in the Master’s degree in Nursing. They can be either in relation to a population such as pediatrics, maternity or geriatrics, in relation to a workplace such as intensive care related to diseases such as diabetes or cancer, in relation to a type of care such as rehabilitation, or in relation to a type of problem such as pain, wound care or stress. The nurse specialist and nurse clinicians (ICS) have an advanced level of clinical expertise that allow them to consultations using, for example, knowledge from recent research carried out to improve care.