Every French student wishing to do an internship in Canada must apply for online education at the Canadian Embassy in France in order to enter the territory. For candidates making their efforts early in the year, you can also turn to the “International Experience Canada” program, the number of places is limited.

It takes an average of 8 to 12 weeks to complete all the steps for visa Canadian Experience, it is advisable to provide a starting material comprising the period of these formalities. Whether in case of delay or for any other reason, it is not possible to go to Canada as long as you have not got your visa online education!

Prerequisites to start the process of obtaining a visa:

Whatever solution you plan to get your visa internship in Canada, several prerequisites determine the launch steps:

* Be aged 18 to 35 years when the visa application
* Getting an internship in Canada
* Holds a French passport valid
* Be enrolled in an institution or training center
* Pay the fees associated with the visa application internship
* Have subscribed to a mandatory health insurance for your internship in Canada
* Have sufficient financial resources (€ 700 month / 1050 Canadian dollars)


His visa internship via “International Experience Canada”

International Experience Canada (IEC) is a program launched by the Embassy Canada France in order to facilitate the visa internship in Canada for French students. It is possible to appeal once the program as part of the visa internship, and two times in total in 4 categories available (internship visa, PVT, young professionals, summer jobs). This program is only for students of French nationality and offers some advantages: shorter processing times and online registration possible.

The documents required include the visa application form, forms of citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), photocopies of your passport, two passport photos, a photocopy of your student card, a photocopy of your internship a photocopy of your training agreement. The documents required are many and the list can be downloaded from the official page of the IEC.

Warning, the number of visas available through the EIC internship program is limited. It was 4800 in 2013, while more than 2,500 visas had been distributed in late March. After the month of June, so you’re unlikely to get a Canadian visa internship via the CIS. In case the EIC program is no longer accessible to the visa application internship, it is advisable to contact the Embassy for more information on the steps to follow to obtain a visa for an internship Canada.